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One of the greatest things about Sundance is the ability to attend panels and hear from filmmakers themselves. Here are some of the highlights:

Dee Rees speaking about her latest film “The Last Thing He Wanted,” an adaptation of the 1996 novel by Joan Didion and starring Anne Hathaway.

In this panel, she talked about her relationship to light and color, how she chooses her DP's based on the visual style she wants to deliver.

She also talked about how she will communicate differently with an actor depending on their individual needs. The film will be released on Netflix on Feb 21, 2020.

Amazing panel, "Women Breaking Barriers: Where Are We Now?" with Kerry Washington, Frankie Shaw, Lisa Jackson and Julie Taymor.

The take away... put your blinders on and make your vision happen no matter what. Support other women. It will only be on the shoulders of other women that we can rise to the top and let our voices be heard. Allow your light and others' light to shine.

If we can do these things maybe in 10 years we won't need to have panels like this because equity and solidarity will be a non-issue.

There was a packed panel at the "Can You See Me Now? Representation Behind the Camera" hosted by Canon.

Each DP spoke about their experience with either giving or receiving mentorship as well as the value of networking groups and sites that serve underrepresented creators.

Free The Work was introduced as a platform and movement that started with getting more female directors into the advertising space to now helping all underrepresented creators find work in the film industry.

Meet Production Designer Brittany Lee with Disney's Frozen inspired VR short: "Myth: A Frozen Tale".

Not only did Brittany design the visuals in a stylized fashion that takes your breath away, but she also designed Elsa's dresses in the original Frozen films.

As visual development artist on the Academy Award®-winning2013 Disney feature, “Frozen,” Lee was responsible for providing foundation designs for what the moviegoers ultimately see as well as contributing to the design of Elsa's castle.


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