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We were thrilled to have Michelle Moore join UWIFT this month to share her knowledge on how to build a marketing campaign around your film. What was the biggest take away?

Create a story.

People loves stories. So tell the story of creating your film. Tell the story of the story of your film :)

Seems pretty simple, right? It's funny, as filmmakers we tell stories and work behind or in front of a camera on a film set-- but being interviewed or doing a social media promo is a different beast that make many people uncomfortable.

Enter Michelle Moore and her team, Moore PR Group.

Michelle not only knows the ins and outs of creating a successful campaign from start to finish, but understands and even coaches her clients on how to present themselves and their project so the message is aligned with their actual campaign.

We were thrilled to have such an amazing turnout with new members-- so thank you to those who joined us for coming out and attending. We want to continue to support and educate filmmakers in Utah and can only do that with through your membership.

Thank you to the Utah Film Commission and The Guild for sponsoring this event. Photo credit: Jess Anderson


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