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Well, Sundance 2020 as come and gone. Here's a recap of what went down:

Olivia Wilde premiered her short film, "Wake Up" on Friday, January 24th, at Sundance 2020. UWIFT chatted with her on the red carpet and she offered these encouraging words to female filmmakers:

Gloria Steinem at the Women at Sundance Celebration spoke of how we do not learn from "sameness" and how it is impossible to learn while we are still talking.

"The Glorias" at Sundance is a film based off of Steinem's book "My Life on the Road" and was directed by Julie Taymor.

Eva Longoria painted a picture of an imagined future where we see just as many Latino families on the big screen as we strive to build an inclusive culture.

She shared her story of the first time she wanted to be "other" than Mexican-- where she envied her friends' pop tarts at school versus her own bean taco for breakfast.

Instead of buying pop tarts for Eva, her mother gave her two tacos the next morning and said, "Never shy away from your own culture."

Radha Blank at the Women at Sundance Celebration talked about how hip hop is her meditation, how you don't age out of your passion and to inspire all those who are used to hearing NO to their projects to say YES to themselves.

Blank starred and directed in her own film, "The 40 Year Old Version" which premiered this year at Sundance.

Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the Women at Sundance Celebration to a standing ovation. She discussed how diversity is one of our strongest assets at this time that is a "contentious cultural moment".

Hillary joked that she discovered she is "the Talent" here at Sundance while promoting Hulu's documentary "Hillary", which premiered at Sundance this year and will be coming out March 6, 2020.

Thank you to the Utah Film Commission and The Guild for being a sponsor.


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