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Grace Bjarnson

Voiceover Actor

Grace Bjarnson has been involved with the performing arts since age 5 when she was trained to sing professionally with her twin sister, two older brothers, and father. A shy introvert, Grace decided to join theater in junior high school to help her interact with others. But that pragmatic reason soon transformed into an avid interest in theatre.

As a senior in high school she discovered her true passion when she directed her first play, Amicable Parting. She earned a Bachelors of Theatre(acting/directing) with a minor in Voice (singing) from Southern Utah University where the world renown Utah Shakespeare Festival takes place.

Since then she has taught children performing arts, directed, and designed sets for several theatrical productions. Later on while watching over her family and taking a break from theatre she began her training in screenwriting. Several years later she directed her first short film called "The Medicine Goes Down." Two years later she directed her second short film, Gatewalker, a 17 minute proof of concept based off of a feature length adaptation.

Currently a voice over artist with over a thousand projects under her belt, she continues to write, direct, and support others in their artistic pursuits.

The motto of her production company, Hot Muffin Media, is: Exploring humanities triumphs, pitfalls, and immense value. She passionately believes, just as Saint Frances de Sales did, "Have patience with all things, but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You are a perfectly valuable, creative worthwhile person simply because you exist. And no amount of triumphs or tribulation can ever change that."


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